Thursday, February 25, 2016

So many beautiful reasons to be happy.

I am writing this in one of my finest moods.

I have seen so many things unfold in my life in just these two months. When I turned down, depressed for one whole year, almost lost faith and trust, never did I think of God’s plan. Maybe because I was never into religion, I did all the obligatory things to be done, but my body not soul. I kept complaining about every single thing that went wrong. I continued on the dry land with no hopes, but continued, because I never wanted anyone else to know that I was depressed and lost, specially my parents. Sports being one of my greatest passions, lifted me up a bit. I could forget about everything I was worried about when I sprinted. Though, just few seconds.
Gradually I started to accept the way my life is and started to work with things around me. I came across the real good people, people who had the worst experiences and made their life beautiful, people who genuinely loved, cared and people who noticed inner beauty.
Inspiration brought me closer to happiness.
And almost a year later I made up my mind that no matter what, I am going to do things to utmost perfection yet imperfect. I will enjoy every single moment, cherish every moment I meet or see the people I love. It was a simple decision taken up in my mind. Never thought of it every day nor wrote it down anywhere, but something led me on the exact path I wanted to go. I stopped thinking about people who wanted to destroy me, who hated me because if I thought about them, my life was being under their control. And I have made myself stronger than ever to keep away from people who don’t deserve to be around me and right now I only have people who deserve to be with me and I with them.
If you are one of those I have around me, you are among those I love.
It even includes few people I have met through my blog and made friends, not just people I have spoken to verbally.
I choose to be happy, love every beautiful soul, and respect my family and religion. And move on in life no matter how huge the thunder is, and use the lightning to bring beauty in.
God is the best of the planners and he has even bigger dreams for you than yours.
Let Go and Let God handle it.

Cochin, Ernakulam
18th February 2016


Just wanted to share another piece of happiness, I was awarded on 17th February in IISJ for being national topper in Humanities Stream among all the CBSE affiliated schools in Saudi Arabia.
Even though I never aimed at being one, I believe whenever God gives, he gives the bestest of best. Seeing my family so happy and proud, just brightened me up. 



  1. This post is so real! The best writing among yours I have loved
    The real beauty and happiness you talk about is beautifully written
    Shark, you have a beautiful soul and I love the change in you!!
    Congratulations btw! Would love to meet you soon when I come to KSA...

    Lotsa love

  2. Thank you. :')
    Thank you so much Alisa. You made my day.


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