Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The empty feeling.

The feeling of emptiness is like emotional hunger where you are hungry for something you can't have or get. Depression is one of the strongest reason that can make you feel empty and the combination of both depression and emptiness can be really annoying. You need to figure out your unsatisfied need that is causing this feeling to overcome it. As everyone's unique, each person has a different reason for his / her empty feeling. Most of the people who have the empty feeling inside them have a self understanding problem. Like, if you know that you failed to reach your goal then you would say you are disappointed not empty. In other words, people use this word emptiness to describe a feeling they can't understand. So, gaining self understanding is the most important step in dealing with emptiness and all unwanted emotions. 
You can gain self respect by adhering your values, be brave, never escape and by keeping promises. Keeping promises: Not only the promise you give to others, but also the promises that you give to yourself.

I show not your face but your heart's desire. Erised stra ehru oyt ube eafru oyt on wohsi.
- Mirror of Erised

Monday, February 04, 2013

The last fifteen years.

Learning new things are always exciting. I've learned a lot in the past fifteen years from the first step into this world till what I’m doing right now. 
This year unlike the previous year’s taught me quick lessons and brought new people.

'Just these two months and everything will be different.’ This is ringing around. Everyone's moving on. Things aren't working the same here. Mind echos ‘How and why did things not work the way I wanted..?’ Why do I care more about the past than what I really want. 

Sweet Sixteen now, yeah one month passed. I've been waiting for things to happen and did nothing. And now, when I know I could have changed, nothing can be done. 
Desires change each day like I see new dreams every day. Yesterday is different from today. Yeah, that's how mind works now.

The last fifteen years...
All the insane, nostalgic, cheerful, strange and weird moments that will be missed. I never cared about what girls meant when they said they are leaving or when they feared about getting or choosing streams in 11th.
A moment when I realize, I  could have done so many things before and can’t do anything now. 
Shahmida said years back ‘If only I could freeze this moment right now.’  I wish the same!

When nothing can be done. 
I wanna ESCAPE.