Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Doing Something For Yourself

Do for yourself for no one else will. - Johanna Lindsey

I am talking about some 'me' time here.
Time spent by myself is time spent alone with my thoughts, which I relish in a world of distractions. Once alone, I get to give attention to something mentally or not think of anything at all and simply appreciate the present moment.
I know when you think about yourself, most often, it’s viewed negatively by others and because of that you tend to stop thinking. But you can’t live your life pleasing others. You are not gonna get anything out of it. Accept it.
I am talking about a little ‘me’ time. Not asking you to be ‘mean’.
And if you really want to be happy with your life, you definitely gotta make some ‘me’ time. Keep the rest for others, but add ‘me’ somewhere.

Being alone with your mind, is one of the best things for your soul.

You don’t have to do great things like gifting yourself a car, well that sounds somewhat crazy. I’m talking about simple everyday things.

Here are few examples of doing things for yourself that can make you happy:

1.       Exercise.
I know you might be rolling your eyes, especially those not interested in fitness or health. I am not talking about any abs or thigh workout, I am talking about simple exercises like walking or swimming. That makes you happy. Just few minutes of walking in a place you like?
This has been scientifically proven to help you.

2.       Practice smiling.
There are few people I know who don’t smile because someone in the past told them they don’t have a nice smile. If you practice smiling every day, you can master it! The beginning is always uncomfortable, but when you continue you start to be really good at it and eventually a pro.
Oh, yes, you even learn to smile naturally with your eyes. No fake ones!

3.       Pampering your skin.
Use good products that makes your skin feel good. Like using a good quality moisturiser on your face every morning, every night, or if you live in a dry or cold climate area. I've got friends who say “I've got so many products, I have no idea what am I gonna do with them.” Use them! Once you start using them and you see your skin feeling all great and smooth, your skin likes it and it is thanking you.

4.       Stop to smell the flowers when you see someone selling it. Don’t just ignore. It may sound a bit cheesy, but try it. Why not try it when it can make you feel better?
If you are allergic, sorry about that, forget this one. I'm allergic to certain stuffs, so I totally understand that.

5.       Look nice on days when you have nothing special. Why do you only dress up for meetings or dates? Dress up for yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the way you look and give a thumbs up. We often dress up to receive compliments.
There are days, I dress up, do little make-up and click lots of pictures. And I've noticed how it makes me happy.

6.       Get some sleep.
This is very important. When you feel weak, don’t wait for yourself to fall asleep and later drag your body to bed. That’s more like a torture anyway. Listen to the signals your body gives, and get to sleep. Think of that amazing feeling you get when you wake up after a good sound sleep? Yes. You deserve that.

7.       Compliment someone.
You compliment someone else, but when you see them happy because of your compliment, it gives instant happiness for you. Isn't that great?
Compliment anyone you know on something they do for you, or something they do every day without complaining. You can even compliment on their looks or clothes, but that’s more common.

8.       Let your loved ones know that you love them.
Yeah, yeah. We know they love us and we love them, there’s no need of saying anything. But, there’s something special about letting them know we love them verbally, even if they know it already. Their reaction can be sentimental at times. When was the last time you said ‘I love you for everything you do for me,’ ‘I love you for taking care of our family’?
We may think about it when it’s too late. Better do it now.

I can make the list even longer, but hey, you gotta add things that make you happy too. So I’ll stop here.
There’s nothing to plan for ‘me’ time, you can start even now. 

- Shark

Bahrah, Saudi Arabia
1:11 AM

18th May 2016

Amour turns Twenty One.