Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Favourites!


Hey everyone! :)
I'm back with my favs for this month.

September Favs include mostly FOOD. :D It was a busy month, didn't get time to write or do much. So lets begin with my favs for this month! ^_^

Galaxy Chocolate Cake

This cake is yummilicious! I had these every week after school with London Dairy Caramel Ice Cream. 

Baked Potato

I l-o-v-e baked potatoes! Baked potatoes are healthy as well as delicious. They inhibit cancer cell growth and are obviously better than fried potatoes. I love baked potatoes topped with yogurt & Chilli powder.

Neutrogena: Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

I use it twice a day (morning and evening.) After using this scrub, my face never tightens nor does it feel dry. It gives a beautiful fruity smell that makes me feel refreshed. Try it out and let me know what you think about it. 
Find it on amazon :  Neutrogena : Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub
Silver Latch back Hoop Earring

No one fancies earrings in my family. I'm the only one who loves to keep a huge collection of earrings. :) 

Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion

After returning from India, due to climate change my skin got irritated. So I thought of trying this lotion. I use this lotion everyday after a bath. Enchanteur moisturises my skin and helps my skin stay refreshed and healthy the whole day. 

Avalon Muscle Pain Relief Cream

This cream is not exactly a favourite of mine, but the friendliest cream of this month! Comes in handy after my Athletic events. Relieves Muscle pain really very quickly.  

I will soon be writing a review for Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. :)

Till then,
See ya! 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Unexplored Bahrah...

I remember those times when I was in the lower classes and girls used to ask me "You live in Bahrain? How do you come to Jeddah?" :O  and I used to reply jokingly "I come to school everyday in my Dad's Airplane." :D
No one knows well about Bahrah, most of them haven't heard about it at all! 

Bahrah is an industrial area. It is located between Makkah and Jeddah. It takes almost the same time to reach both the places. When we enter Bahrah it looks deserted, but there are many beautiful places to see when you get inside Bahrah. I've been living in Bahrah since I was born. We stay in SRBC (Saudi Red Bricks Company) Compound. There's a Ville, a Park and many Power Plants in our Compound. 
Many people come to set up Camps in the deserted parts of Bahrah. My Dad's Company own a Sand Mine in Bahrah. This Mine, is also a tourist place. I never knew about it before. One of my Mom's friend said that she found a beautiful place on her way to Makkah. And Guess what? It was around this Mine! 

Many people come here for fishing. 

 The Park..

Sidra and Aaliya having fun!
Second Floor..
The view to the park.
Bahrah on the Map.

- Mirror of Erised

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

August - India

I left to India on 8th and returned on 31st. Though it was just for 22 days, it was fun there! Read on to know how I spend my days in India... ^_^

#8th It was Eid the day I reached. Shahmida, Aaliya (My Niece ) and Anees Kaka (My eldest bro-in-law) came to pick us at the Airport. Shahmida gave me the book I've always wanted to buy 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma. ^_^
At home..all my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins came home.. :)

#9th I called Raniya! :) I forgot to take down Sarah's number. :/ So, I couldn't call her, neither Raniya could.
I went to Vengara, thats where my Mom's house is. I also went to my Mom's brother (Abid Kaka)'s new house. His house is just simply awesome. 'A perfect house' I can say. Beautiful and Spacious! *_* 
And Yeah....I got two fans...Rushda and Hiba (My Mom's two sister's daughters.) :P 

#10th I got up early..
Few years back my grandfather used to prepare Biryani when he didn't have any difficulty in walking around. Everyone talks about his amazing Biryani, so I thought of getting the recipe. He couldn't write it down for me in English, so he wrote it in Malayalam. :) I wasn't sure whether I would try the recipe when I reach Bahrah, but all I knew was I would keep the recipe he wrote to my self. :)
I started reading Robin Sharma's book which Shahmida gave me.

#11th I got up at 5AM (Robin Sharma says in his book to get up at 5am), prayed, worked out for 20 minutes, Visualized happy moments and went down for helping Mom. Getting up at 5AM helps us to do the things we love. We usually don't get time when we get up just an hour before we have to go somewhere. When we do the things we love early in the morning it helps us to be happy the whole day. :) 
I wanted to blog badly...

#12th We didn't sleep cos we wanted to go to the Airport to pick Shamsheeda & Ayaan (My Nephew) at 3AM. :)
#13th I made a goal card and made a decision to change myself, doing what people expect from me. :) 
Shamsheeda and Ayaan came. Ayaan remembers me! He's two and a half years old. He calls me 'Maima.' ^_^

#14th Called Raniya, her mom picked up...she said 'Raniya is at Kollam.' 
Shamsheeda made a cake. She is superb at making cakes...Specially Moist Chocolate cakes...
It didn't turn out to look well this time since it was gas oven. We use Electric ovens here in Bahrah, they are better for baking cakes. Still It tasted yummy. :)

#15th Independence Day..
It was Anees Kaka's younger brother's engagement Party.
Back home, Ayaan asked for water. Usually, after he drinks water, if someone doesn't take away the glass he holds, he drops it down. And he did it...poured water on the bed. :D A little extra work for my sister.. :P
Shaimah called... She's a blog addict! She was talking to me about her blog of which I'm a part too..the whole time on phone. :P

#18th I taught Ayaan to sing 'Ooh la la la, Lelo...Ooh la la la Lelo' :D It sounds so cute when he sings.. :) Masha Allah.

#19th Raniya called me...
I painted a scenery which Shamsheeda liked. She took it to place it at her house in Dubai. :)

#20th I had a appointment with Doctor. :/ For allergy..
Asked me to go for a blood test.

#23rd I prepared Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice for dinner. It was really yummy... :)

#25th Shaimah messaged me "Fluffy and Skinny look like black Americans now." Fluffy and Skinny are our Chicks. We left them with our Aunt in Jeddah since there was no one to look after them when we went to India. They love roaming around in their Balcony and so they spoiled their looks. :D

#28th I bought a new bag for school, new sports shoes with which I can run for my races and Turmeric Powder (Kasthoori Manjal) for my body mask.

#29th All my Aunts and cousins from Vengara came home to meet us since we were leaving on 31st. *Had fun*

#30th Shamsheeda, Ayaan, Hafiz Kaka (My Second bro-in-law) and all my aunts and few cousins came home. Had great fun...
My Dad's younger sister prepared 'Andi Putte' and served us. It is something which is made from nuts and tastes nice.
I captured so many pics and videos of everyone, especially my grand parents. I believe we are so lucky, that we live in an age where we can capture the beautiful moments of our life. These are memories that would be re lived in future. :) 

#31st Its always tough to say goodbye to your loved ones... :/
Off to Jeddah. :) {12 pm (India Time)}
Reached Jeddah at 3:30 pm (Saudi Time) and Bahrah at 5pm.

End of Summer Vacation. #BacktoSchool.

How was your vacation? Do tell me the places you visited.. :)