Sunday, September 08, 2013

Unexplored Bahrah...

I remember those times when I was in the lower classes and girls used to ask me "You live in Bahrain? How do you come to Jeddah?" :O  and I used to reply jokingly "I come to school everyday in my Dad's Airplane." :D
No one knows well about Bahrah, most of them haven't heard about it at all! 

Bahrah is an industrial area. It is located between Makkah and Jeddah. It takes almost the same time to reach both the places. When we enter Bahrah it looks deserted, but there are many beautiful places to see when you get inside Bahrah. I've been living in Bahrah since I was born. We stay in SRBC (Saudi Red Bricks Company) Compound. There's a Ville, a Park and many Power Plants in our Compound. 
Many people come to set up Camps in the deserted parts of Bahrah. My Dad's Company own a Sand Mine in Bahrah. This Mine, is also a tourist place. I never knew about it before. One of my Mom's friend said that she found a beautiful place on her way to Makkah. And Guess what? It was around this Mine! 

Many people come here for fishing. 

 The Park..

Sidra and Aaliya having fun!
Second Floor..
The view to the park.
Bahrah on the Map.

- Mirror of Erised


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