Monday, October 19, 2015

Little Things ♡

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
-          Robert Brault

Little things mean a lot, but sometimes the smallest and the strangest of them can make your day. These little things, be they gestures, actions or words, are the many small things we do every day and that naturally expresses our heart.

They are not the result of calculations or intentions, but are rather spontaneous expression of what we exactly feel. Continued happiness does not come from occasional grand events or achievements, but from little things that fill our daily lives. There are so many of them that you would never realize till it’s late or you are made to remember.

Small doses of happiness.

·         The first time your feet slides effortlessly into new pair of socks.

·         When you wake up just few seconds before the alarm and you silence the beastly bell.
Hell Yeah!

·         When you just look at your friend and she understands what you exactly feel.

·         When someone buys something for you as well when they get for themselves.
           Coffee? Chocolates? Umm.

·         When you move around an area for someone to notice you or talk to you and that person does it.

·         When you wake up early in the morning for college or work and realize its Sunday!

·         When people respect your privacy and give you space when you badly need it.

·         Someone remembers everything you said that day and you thought they weren’t listening to you.
           How’s Regina? Is she fine after all the depressing events?
           (Aww. You were actually listening?)

·         Or someone remembers a random moment from the time you’ve spent with them.
           Remember the time when we used to send satirical messages to each other just to keep talking?
          (Gosh. I almost forgot about that. You remember all that?)

Some doses of positive illusions are valuable for long term love and happiness. Small manifestations of our love like linking arms when crossing the street or sending the warmth of a secret smile are natural and spontaneous actions that genuinely reflect more than any expensive gift or grand event. Those are few of ‘em that make my day.

Temme about the lil things that make your day.


  1. valuable it
    nicely written and a good reminder

  2. I like everything that you have quoted
    Simple words and relatable

    do check my website out when you are free

    Love Liz


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