Monday, November 09, 2015

College life?

Been in St. Teresa’s for four months, India for five months and ten months as an adult, though I can still feel the adolescent in me. This post is about all that.

Maybe a bit long post, but if you know me, I know you will read through.

I miss my parents, sisters, friends and Jeddah badly. I am at my Mom’s place. It is here that I update my blog. I can’t write regularly even if I want to. In the hostel I am too busy or lazy to write. I am going back to the hostel in two days and I thought I need to update things here before I go back.
I have my Semester exams going on. Ignoring that, I am going back home on 18th of next month. Yeah, after S-I-X months! Will be back home in 38 days. Insha Allah.
I have come to love the number ‘18’ after ‘7.’ My name has got 7 letters, my birthday is on 7th of Jan, 1997. I made it my favourite number when I was in tenth, when my class used to be XA7, Roll no, 07. Hah!


St. Teresa’s, instead of calling it a College, I call it post-school.

As far as I have been told, this is the part of our life where we can enjoy the most or where we must enjoy the most because after this it is never the same. Later, you become someone’s wife, then mother and then the generation just moves on. Doesn't mean that the happy life just ends, it may be happier but with lots of responsibilities, losses and gains.

In St. Teresa’s I bunk less. Like very less. We are fined if we are seen walking around, 500 Rs for just sitting in the Gym Plaza during class hours. I have not been fined yet though. Gym Plaza is where you can relax and have a coffee break as our mini canteen is just close. Gym Plaza is actually our basketball court.
The reason I bunk less is not because of the fine, its cause I am the class representative. I am the one who has to carry the attendance register and take attendance every hour. Duh.

Bunking for me isn't jumping off the college wall or going to Centre Square Mall.
It is relief, when I am tired of listening to ‘….The body is leaf like, dorsoventrally flattened and bilaterally symmetrical and comes to about 0.5 mm in length and 0.25 mm in breadth…’ Here, I can be a teacher too.
My Mom knows I bunk certain classes, she doesn't have an issue until it affects me in a negative way. She understands, who can sit for two hours listening to one super fast express read out from the text about creatures we can’t see with the naked eye? Why, I could be a teacher too.
Zoology, two hours. I run to the hostel. Slowly sneak in and go to my room. Call Mom and tell her, “It’s Zoology and it’s the same whether I sit there or not.” I never miss Chemistry classes, because the tutor is good at fixing the topics in my mind. Coming from Humanities background, who knew I would kinda like Chemistry?

I don’t want to be a part of those who wanna sit in the class whether they understand or not and in the end doesn't even score well. And their attendance goes like

Xania Yas Zas        | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | Ab | P | P | P | P | P | P | P |

That ‘Ab’ you see right there, I am sure they are still crying at it.

Before joining St. Teresa’s few said ‘girls become bold, like very bold after joining St. Teresa’s’, someone told my Mother ‘The boys are scared of the girls from St. Teresa’s.’ Enough for my Mom to freak out.

LMAO. Like seriously. There’s nothing as such. Nothing’s like the way it looks from outside.

Adult life. I can say my thoughts have matured a bit or at least I still don’t think of dumb impossible things, the people I like and love and the way I think about certain people also have changed.  I used to prefer people who are a kinda soft or introverts but now I prefer more of the strong or kinda extroverts, not extreme either. I like people who speak up opening their heart and share their feelings. When you listen to them you know they aren't lying and their words are true. Yeah. I have got such friends too. Rest, it’s the same.

Right now, I don’t wanna think of what’s to come in future or what was life few months back, because the either makes me sad or scared or both. Right now, let me complete the next two years and wait for the goodness in store for me.

I write about me here not because I want the public to read about my life, I know they don't even care, but because I can mostly put up everything I feel and experience in a better way when I write. And behind my each post, I write for certain people to read. And also the people I believe read my blog, are the people I write the posts for.  

Ending with my sister’s quote. “On the path to your dreams you may come across temporary unhappiness. Dare to go on and at the end of the road your dreams will sparkle more than anything else you behold. Trust Allah. All the pain will be worth it.”
I received her quote as a message on 31st of August 2015 at 11:05 AM, a day after her wedding anniversary. Quote’s value says the previous statement.


  1. The writer does not sound like you at all! You have changed a lot at least that is wat ur writing is saying
    I couldn't stop laughing at 'I bunk less' lol
    Every article of yours shows a dif side of you..n..I really like this side of yours!
    The whole article explains u r acting like a prisoner in'on it aint that bad here...
    Take Care Shark

    1. I seriously bunk less. Thanks for liking this part of me. XD
      Yes, I do feel like a prisoner in the hostel.
      Glad to see you check out my blog. :')

      P.S. The way the political parties are taking control based on religious issues in a country that was once called secular is getting on my nerves. I am already allergic to a lot of food items, I am not allergic to beef. Shouldn't I go to Jeddah to have beef safely? (LOL)
      If they are killing humans for consuming beef, I have no respect for this land.


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