Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last Day in India for 2015

The six months wait is over. Hoping not to make it a negative post like the previous ones.

First two-three months were tough, but the other three were smoother. It was my cousin's wedding today. I was meeting my relatives and cousins probably after months. Wedding is always a get-together.
I have made more good friends in these few months. Friends worth being called a friend.
Having the tag of 'NRI', born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, who can't speak proper Malayalam, I thought it would be difficult to make good friends, specially those who can understand me. Yes, it sure was difficult, but come on, nothing good or worth comes easily.

Nufa, who sometimes is shockingly great at understanding what I am just gonna say. She's from my district in Kerala, so she can understand at least a bit of my Malayalam.
Rizwin, she's our selfie stick, sounds like a guy's name, empathies, she can laugh at the lamest jokes and make others laugh too.
I love people who can make me laugh and those with a good sense of humour.
Mariya, who never misses an opportunity to show off  'the perfect teeth', or like I call it 'Smile worth million bucks.'
Lakshmi, who is madly in love with her place, Thrissur. She has got the Trichur accent too and the way she says 'A a aaa' in that typical Mallu tone sounds funny.
Sanjuna, the lipstick queen, she doesn't need a mirror to apply lipstick, she is a pro at it.
Parvathy, the tallest among us and the one with a lazy bum. She is so damn lazy to attend classes that one of her teachers once asked 'Did she get married?'

I love my class mates for bearing with me cause I have been the worst representative they could ever get, yet they selected me again for the second semester, which is hilarious. Maybe they like a lazy, irresponsible 'Rep' who is never in the class.
I have learnt to manage myself. I have experienced real hunger. When you know you have no other choice but to survive this period, you learn to adjust. Yes, I have learnt to adjust.

Staying away from home and family, taught me their value. I have never stayed away for this long. And this would be my story for the next two years to come. I have huge dreams and I am surviving this period for those dreams to come true someday.
Plus, I have shed more parts of the Tom boy. Though I still hate pink or anything too girly.
Now ready for the next challenges that life has to offer.

11:07 PM (IST)
17th December 2015

Notice the 7. ;)

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone I've met this year, for the changes you have brought in me. May Lord bless everyone with goodness.

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