About Me

Hey, I'm Shurooq. You can call me Shark. I'm the fourth daughter of amazing parents.
I love the number 7 and I'm Chocoholic. My favourite thing in life is writing about life experiences, especially inspiring ones. I love writing because it helps me wipe out depression or any sorrow outta my life. I've got five sisters. Yeah, F-i-v-e! Our name begins with the letter 'S' and we were all born in a month that begins with 'J', that amuses me always. I love all my siblings but rarely do I show it up. I have a "writer's corner" book which is somewhat like a diary. I mostly fill it up with positive feelings and experiences of only the celebrated days of my life.  I have a hugging pillow, which is the only lifeless thing so close to me. Aaand I love Guava. 
I usually talk for long hours, mostly nonsense. I'm known for my lame talks.  I find it difficult to solace people and often laugh at mournful times. I become kinda sentimental at times and because of that I cry at even the smallest problems like when you can't find your socks in the dark. I act close to people whom I don't prefer to be there in my circle and give less attention to those I care and like. I never hated people but I do dislike few.  I don't like it when something or someone turns out to be different than what I actually expected. I'm scared of fake people for I've encountered many. My biggest fear is letting someone down or getting a bad news. When I am sad or depressed I call up my friends cos they are my mood boosters.
I believe everyone look good when they are themselves. I would rather die than living a copy of someone. I am interested in writing songs, short poems and stories. I like living in my own world up there in my mind. I spend most of my free time talking to myself or to my reflection in the mirror. I respect people who stand up for themselves. *Salute*  I'm obsessed with Cats, and Books because of which my Mum calls me a bookworm. I've got great ardor for Makeup and Fitness. I love my family and friends.  I believe whatever I am today is because of them. ^_^
I'm 20 now, but I never stopped jumping up and down when something sensational happens. 
I'm thankful to all the people I've met in my life. Each one of you have inspired me and taught me a lesson. 
I believe : 'Life is a treasure and you're so much more than you know.' - Robin Sharma

Thanks for taking your time to read. 

With love


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- Shark -