Friday, October 27, 2017

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Toner Review

This is my personal favourite toner. I started using this three months ago.
The first reason for buying this particular toner was : it is non-alcoholic. Alcohol is an ingredient in most of the toners and it tends to dry out the skin. Though it may serve the purpose of the toner, I would never opt for alcohol based toner. Second reason : Chamomile! I love Chamomile. It has so many amazing benefits.
Anyways. Here's what I've got to tell you about Plum's chamomile & white tea calming antioxidant toner.

I use it twice daily - morning and night after washing my face. 
I received it in a white bottle containing 200 ml of it. It is 100% vegan. Plum gives 1% of their sales to non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the environment.

Now, to the main part.
It has a soothing and calming scent. I have noticed that people around me also love the scent. They ask 'Umm...that scent. Did you just put on your toner?'
The best part. I rarely like perfumes or scents. I am a migraine patient. But these, have never caused any headache.
It is not a spray. You have to pour it into your palm or soak cotton pads and apply. Let it dry and then you can move onto the next step.
It is for normal to combination skin type. Since I have combination skin, it works well for me.
I used to have breakouts every now and then. After using it for almost three months, I get pimples only during that time of the month, which is natural due to so many hormonal changes.
I never had a time without a dark or red spot on my face. Now, its a rare thing.
I didn't get any burning sensation during the first application. I had read among some reviews that there are people who got breakouts and some even got slight burning sensation. This happens when you buy products without knowing your skin type. This is for normal-combination skin type. If you have an oily or dry skin type, it is better to use something like rose water or products that specifically mentions that it is for your skin type.
My friends who have oily skin type has also tried out my toner few times and it worked fine for them.
One place where I wished it would have been different is, I prefer a spray bottle. You can just spray it onto your face and not overdo it. But, this toner needs to be poured and then applied, which can sometimes become excess. If you are careful, it is not a problem.
Overall, this is my favourite toner and I would definitely recommend it. One bottle can stay up to four months. I have already bought another one so that I can use without break when it gets over.

If you wish to buy one, I would highly recommend buying from Amazon as it has amazing offers. I bought my first bottle on 25% off and the second one on 51% off.

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