Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Three months in India

It’s been almost three months in India and it seems like it’s been years since I left Jeddah. I have three more months to go back to Jeddah, but I will be there just for ten days. It’s like as if someone just picked me up from my comfort zone and dropped me in a desert.

My parents were here for two months, so I stayed with them for 15+ days. Excluding those 15+ days, everything can be read below.

So. Was I talking about being responsible after coming to India? Learning new things? What have I learnt?

I have learnt to adjust a little bit. Resist Al-Baik, sleep without AC, going to college without ironing clothes, eating food I dislike.
I don’t do any work. In my hostel, the ladies here, do the laundry, make food, and wash utensils. I eat (Most of the times I don’t even do that), pay the Mess Fee (Whether I go to the Mess or Not) Charge my phone & transformer book (5pm-8pm), Study and Sleep.

Oh wait, I do a little hard work to get drinking water.  We need to go to the P.G. Students Hostel to get water. Our hostel’s Water Cooler has leakage and no one bothers to fix it.

And the toilet, Indian closets, NO Jet spray, and NO Flush facility – we pour a bucket of water after we use. Its hostel na, that’s how it’s supposed to be. This is not about Kerala or India. This is about the people’s mentality.

Few students complained about the Breakfast, what did our Hostel Warden say? ‘This food is to just chew. Every Friday aren’t you getting a chance to go home? Fill your stomach at home. Or think about the ladies who are of your age itself, wake up early in the morning just to cook for you.’

I keep asking myself, ‘Why man? Why did you wanna study in India and stay in a hostel? Why? You know this is not just the only way to get the Bachelor’s degree.’ Never mind. I can’t answer that. That’s about being a hosteller, life isn’t always nice in the hostel, and I’ve heard a lot about it.

What about College?

College is divided into two. Arts and Science Block. Placed at two different areas. I am in the Science Block. It doesn’t even look like a College. It is just a building that provides education. The Arts Block or the main College Block looks like a college, huge building, but can’t accommodate all the students, therefore, it’s just for the Arts students. The Science Students need to walk to the Arts Block for every program, big announcements, celebrations, to collect cards/Diary and all the official events are held there.

English? No, we speak in Malayalam. If I speak in English, everyone gives a weird stare. Even the teachers take half of the class in Malayalam. They start in English and eventually land in the Malayalam zone. Chemistry in Malayalam, I understand it partially. But few teachers, speak in English and those are the only teachers I like.

Our College is Famous, famous because few celebrities studied here. Wow.

All this doesn't happen because it's India. It happens only because some people just don’t want changes.

Yet, I am not going to Quit, Hopefully. I will do my best to survive the three years to come. 


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