Friday, April 15, 2016

Different and Beautiful

Back home in Bahrah. 
I wrote this down last week in India.

Flawed and imperfect. That is what we all are.
The world would be so boring and monotonous if we didn’t have different people. I love change. I don’t like seeing the same thing again unless there’s some emotional attachment towards it.
You are beautiful, exactly the way you are. I am not saying this because I love inspiring. But because I have experienced it. I feel beautiful when I am myself. There is a unique feeling in being appreciated for being yourself.
One of the most important thing I’ve got to say is, feeling bad and comparing yourself to others will never, N-E-V-E-R change you or make you better. It will just make you feel more miserable.
You can never make yourself like someone else. That is the truth. So stop wasting what you have. Make use of it.
Accept yourself. Then, make the better you.
Eventually, you will be happy to see the real you. Be proud of what you are. Confidence comes in automatically.
Try to change only yourself, not others. You can advise them, but don’t ask them to follow what you follow.
And do not expect from others. It leads to disappointments. Having hope is good, but you must make your mind strong enough to bear the loss as well. Blindly expecting things is not being positive. It is called ‘being crazy’. You never know, you might end up being your worst enemy. 
Do for yourself for no one else will. There used to be days when I had headache and I used to think, let them figure out I am having a bad headache, let them take care of me.
Well, there are no mind readers. Tell them, if you seriously wanna let them know.
Help others. Doesn’t mean you need to do huge stuffs like paying someone’s debt completely. That’s the toughest thing in this materialistic world right?
Do simple acts, where all you need is, YOU.
Smile. If you are sad, don’t make everyone around you too sad. There are so many people who just need someone to talk to. Talk to them. You might be making their day just by talking to them.
The happiness you get by making someone else happy is priceless.
I am a kind of person who doesn’t believe that life depends on money. You need to have enough of it to live or survive. Save. But for emergency or for better future. Saving to make yourself feel like you have some amount is dumb. Totally.
Express love to your loved ones when you feel it. Never wait for a perfect moment. Sometimes it gets too late and you realize it only after the person is gone forever.
Enjoy being yourself. Try to stay in good health. It’s not necessary to be happy always. It’s nice to get pissed at times. Or even sad. Going in a smooth flow isn’t as great as it sounds.
The ups and down are to make us better and real.
Stay blessed.
9th April 2016
7:49 PM

Vengara, India


  1. Replies
    1. I never understood the point of commenting as Anonymous. You can at least mention your name. Duh.
      It doesn't make me happy nor do I know who it is.
      Anyways, thanks.

  2. I love this post of yours
    May Allah bless you with good health and happiness
    you have an inspiring character
    let everyone benefit from you

    have you stopped updating your fitness blog?

    1. Thank you so much. :')
      I know it's been a year since I wrote something there. Coming up with a post soon.

  3. I happened to accidently bump into this blogspot! I don't know if u remember me, But we used to share the same bench in 8A4! And here I am like Oh My God! Your work is amaaaazing! I have already read many of your posts! And I swear if it wasn't for my exam tomorrow (A imp exam that too!) I would have read each and everyone of your posts! I Am so proud to let everyone know "Oh Well! I used to be friends with this beautiful, amazing , talented girl!" I even showed them to my mom! She loves them too. I am so happy you have got a chance to do what you love- write! Keep up the beautiful work! May Allah bless you and your family!

    1. I can't thank you enough! I've had a rough and bad day today and this comment just made my day.
      Of course I remember you. I remember your mom too, Sumaiya ma'm from PPS.
      Glad you liked my work. :')
      May Allah bless you too. Hope your exam goes well.
      Thank you so, so much. Take Care.


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