Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Enigmatic Feelings

There are so many feelings that I can't figure out what they actually mean.  Just like having different feelings for the same moment at different times. You may be the happiest person when something really special happens but later isn't as happy as it is supposed to be. No exact idea why am I writing this up, but this is gonna be quick.
My enigmatic feelings.
Feeling low when you are supposed to be extremely happy or feeling extremely happy when supposed to be low. Having sympathy for someone you don't like. Acting sad to grab someone's attention. Enjoying it when someone is trying to embarrass you. Smiling and acting like everything is okay even when alone. Having hope even after the darkest time has passed. Wanting to take care of someone random. Not believing your own efforts. Acting like not interested in gadgets or smart phones. Acting not convinced even after being convinced. Faking anger. Faking the smile.

Maybe my mind is in a mess right now.

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