Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't ignore your Problems, Solve them.

'Ignore problems, your life will be the same forever or may even get worse but, never better.'  SharkRules

Problems! Something that God has gifted to make your life better. Problem that you create by yourself in your life is something really different and it's up to you to make problems temporary or permanent in your life. In the modern world, complicated life with many breakups is kinda common and it's even called 'COOL' at times. It's hard to find someone with accepted standards of respectable and moral behaviour in other words 'decent people' OR someone who understands others. There are only few people who think about what's happening in others life. I am one of them, that's what made people like me. Recently I met someone who wanted me to change. She wanted to make me understand how to change with the developing world. She said 'The present generation is totally different compared to the previous one....blah, blah, blah!' Since she was an elderly woman I couldn't say anything against her, while she kept on encouraging the present generation. At times it difficult to make people understand.
Since last two years I've been changing myself and learning how to face problems, but each time a problem comes in, it blows my head, but I solve it somehow. That's what made me love problems! Right now, I'm tired of all the bad times in 2012...Cluster meet >.< , Sports and all the other competitions which made me get second instead of the first that I usually got! 4 X 400m, 400m, 4 X 100m and 200m race : 2nd position! :/ My third eldest sister, Shaimah before leaving to India told me 'when you get first in something, the next time if you get second or third you'll be disappointed!' and that's what happened to make 2012 a bad year. :/ Shamsheeda, my second eldest sister told me 'You'll be disappointed right now, but after 2-3 years this will be your past and you won't even care about it. All you have to be worried about is your studies cos studies will cover up your future.'
I'm trying to forget everything, but when you are making yourself forget something, you spend the whole day thinking about it. Yeah! That's what is happening with me.
'Mending broken hearts' seems no more interesting because most of them think that I'm irritating others more than helping others, maybe it's because I don't get appreciated for what I do anymore. Nowadays I get more complains about 'Mending broken hearts' than appreciation. What people need to understand about 'Mending broken hearts' or 'MBH' is, when i'm working on a relationship, there's nothing like I'll patch them up forever or they can rely on me the whole time chilling, that was the problem with #SarZah. While working on #17, Aara told me 'Shark, Please don't change back to the old Shark.' Was I really changing or have I changed? cos this is what I never wanted to happen, taking me back to the past! The future must be better than the past otherwise it means that you haven't learned anything from the past and yeah, learn from the past but don't live in the past.
Presently the new problem that has come up is similar to the ones that I had 2 years back but, still it is on top of my head. My eldest sister, Shahmida recently showed me an easy way to make problems under your control and I think that really helps. It was like 'give a number to the level of your problem. eg: Level 5 for your problem. Make yourself in level 1 if you think the problem is over your head. Now, change the way you look at your problem, in a positive way. You'll find yourself in level 3. Repeat the same again and again, then you'll find yourself in level 7. Now you are at level 7 and your problem is at level 5. Same problem, but it's now under your control!'
Easy isn't it? Then it's time to follow it. The main reason behind making this blog 'Mirror of Desire / Erised' is to make people understand others, themselves and make their life easy instead of a complicated one. Most of the people don't understand themselves, they don't know what they actually want in their life and when people don't understand others, misunderstandings grow. Remember one thing 'When nails grow, you cut your nails not fingers. Similarly, when misunderstanding grows, cut your ego, not your relationship.'
I've changed the way I look at things and it's helping me. You must try it, at least once! I told you about me not because I want people to know about my life but because when you read about solving problems on different websites, you won't be interested in solving yours cos you don't know whether that's true or not, when you read it here on my blog, you'll understand that problems can really be solved and the reason why you'll think like that is it's from someone's personal experiences.
Hope you make a beautiful change in your life! :)
I wrote a song 'Stand out' in October 2012, which my friend Akshita really liked, she kept on saying 'Shurooq please publish it!' I'll post it here soon, most probably my next post.

I show not your face but your heart's desire. Erised stra ehru oyt ube eafru oyt on wohsi.
- Mirror of Erised


  1. this really helped..thanks.
    i lky the quote a lot When nails grow, you cut your nails not fingers. Similarly, when misunderstanding grows, cut your ego, not your relationship.'
    its true also...awesome work!
    keep posting :)


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