Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can't take it anymore.

There are always going to be some bad times. Times when you feel like there’s no one who can help you and you’re convinced that there’s no hope too. I know how bad it feels when things go out of your control and when you can’t take it anymore. Such emotions result in a bad feeling that many of you can’t tolerate.

Next time when you have this 'I can't take it anymore' moment ask yourself this question, 
Why is my mind constantly sending these bad signals? Why can’t it just suppress them?
It can’t, cos that’s your mind’s way of asking you to take action. Emotions are signals sent by your mind asking you to take action. When your mind finds that you are doing something that you absolutely hate, it sends you these 'bad feeling' signals hoping that you would respond by taking some action. But, most of the people do nothing and as a result their mind finds no other solution but to make the 'bad feelings' more intense until they reach a point where they can't take it anymore. Doing something that you hate for years are actions that tell us, how our society taught us to accept sufferings and stop responding to our inner feelings even if we feel bad.
You don't have to take any hasty decisions like suddenly quitting your job or ending your relationship with someone, you just have to think of a long term plan that can help you to change the situation you can't take anymore. 
Don't ignore the signals sent by your mind because the others are ignoring theirs. When you know that everyone is suffering because of their own choice, you should make a choice whether you want to join them or you want to be different. If you wanna stop suffering, you need to take an action. Sufferings will stop when you take an action and not by waiting. Waiting will only make you get depressed.
So, it's up to you! What do you want? Suffer like the others? or a change?

I show not your face but your heart's desire. Erised stra ehru oyt ube eafru oyt on wohsi.
- Mirror of Erised


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