Saturday, December 01, 2012

Strange month


1. Imagine yourself just going to sleep and you feel like something is wrong with your face. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize that your face doesn't look like yours. It looks more like a Donkey's face.
"Oh God!! Is this me?", I asked. Siddiqa staring at me with an unusual pause and said, "This isn't my Buthatha!", Siddiqa calls me Buthatha, Mom shocked and worried, while Dad didn't notice as he was busy on Beyluxe Messenger.
For few seconds it was just like a dream. I wished it was.
Running to the hospital at night? Oh no! It was a wish come true for my sisters who have always asked me to see a doctor. I H-A-T-E Docs. Whether they treat me or not. I just hate them.
This time, I couldn't make any kind of excuse. Off to the hospital.
The receptionist wrote my Sex as Male :3 as he heard my name. When he was leaving the hospital he asked dad "Where's your son?"
Back home, "I'm not going to school tomorrow! With this swollen face? No way!" But I did go to school the next day, only because of the sports selections that were going on in school.

That was my body's reaction to Fish. Yes, I am allergic to fish now.

 1. Two weeks later. While going to Sid's class '4A9' a girl just suddenly came running and caught my hand firmly as though she knew me and kept on saying 'Didi, Aap kahi math jaeye. Pls! Pls!' Sister, please don't go anywhere, please, please! (Hindi)
"Hey, Do I know you?" I asked, confused, the girl kept on repeating the same words 'Didi, Aap kahi math jaeye. Pls! Pls!'
She took me to her class, showed me her seat, lunch box and bag.
I was like, Why is she showing me her things? 
Wait! Who the hell is she?
She asked me to wait for her in her class and left. Well, I didn't wait, all I did was run away!

Weirdos everywhere.

3. The next week, during my 400 meter race, just before the finish line my legs just stopped. The next moment, I was on the ground. Just before the finish line! I could hear people shouting and screaming, while a girl just finished the race. I heard some teacher shout 'Come on! Shurooq, take two steps and you'll come at least third!' When I heard that, I got up. Took two steps and fell down again. But, I completed my race.
The next day, for Long Jump, it was more like 'roll on the stinky sand as long as you can.' There was cat poop in the sand and all the three times I jumped, I rolled on the sand.
The same day, for 200 meter race, I was all ready to run and get the trophy while listening to 'On your mark,' 'Get set,' as soon as I heard 'Go' I slipped.
Yeah, Unlucky.

4. Oh yeah, by the end of the month, I tried having Fish. Swollen Face again. :(

I hope something good comes up this month!

- Shark


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