Sunday, August 04, 2013

July - Ramadan & Holidays

This was a beautiful month... ^-^

First week of July was as usual...
Raniya left for India few days before Ramadan. Ramadan Started on 10th.  It was kinda tiring the first day of fast and then I got used to it. Shaimah went to her in-laws house ie. also my Aunts house in Jeddah on 12th. After she left we felt kinda empty - empty type at home. I started reading 'You Can Win' by Shiv Khera for the second time to understand it even more better. When we read books again and again, we learn more and more from it or we understand something which we didn't understand properly the previous time we read.
Its really an amazing book, if you guys love inspiring books then go check it out.
What I learnt?

* How to maintain a positive personality.
* Winners don't do different things, they do things differently.
* How to build a positive attitude.
*The importance of interpersonal skills.

I believe I would be a positive one by the end of this vacation. :)
I was really happy to see by blog 'Fatness to Fitness' cross 6,000 views! :) It all because of you guys...Thanks you so much! ^-^

#13th, I was really worried about completing Qura'n at least once this Ramadan.
I was almost done with my wall decoration. I was inspired to decorate my room wall by my sister Shamsheeda. Her's was really beautiful... I will share the pics of my wall decor in my next post. :)
I was simply converting date of birth of my family members from Gregorian to Hijri Calendar and I realized, according to the Hijri Calendar I was already 17! :O

#15th July, I thought of calling my friend Sarah, since it was a week back that I called her. I was also wondering what Raniya was doing in India. :P
I love Cats/Kittens! And Mom told me, that there was one in my aunts house. I wanted to go their so badly...just to see the cat! :D
And we went there! on #18th... To pick Shaimah.
Gawwdd....the cat was sooo cute. Played with it. It even licked my finger..hehe...
And we went to Sharafiyah that day, which kinda irritated me cos it is always so crowded there and those men who have an annoying habit of staring at girls. >.<

#22nd, I had a pretty good day. I called Sarah...she can entertain people anytime! :D She's like a mood booster for me. :P

 #24th, At 5 a.m I thought of writing in my diary which I actually call a 'Writers Corner book' and Ouch! I got a paper cut, they are just so painful... :/

#25th, I and Shaimah, we made a page on Facebook, You can check it out here - 'Into the Gloss'
My both bro-in-laws (Anees Kaka & Muhammad Kaka) came home and we were all busy. :)
Sarah left for India.

#28th, I bought a new cute purple bag, named it 'Purple Bug.' I will post a pic of it along with my wall decor.
So that's how July was for me, what about you guys? Share your beautiful experiences in July in the comments below. :)


  1. Waiting for ur post on ur new bag... :)

  2. *Well, I made a YouTube channel with you :D Check it out here:
    *Making Videos and editing them!
    *Got 2 NEW BEAUTIFUL RINGS. I'm obsessed with rings <3 them!


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